Kia Dashboard Warning Lights

Kia Dashboard Warning Lights

The warning lights on the dashboard of your Kia vehicle are trying to tell you something which is why it’s important to not to ignore them. Whether it be a minor fix or something more serious it’s always helpful to know what these warning lights mean.

At Rosen Kia Milwaukee we’ve provided a breakdown of what each warning light is and what it means so you can know exactly what to do next time one pops up on the dash.

What Does The Light Mean on My Kia Dashboard?

Engine Oil Pressure

Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light- This light signals that your vehicle doesn’t have enough oil that the oil isn’t circulating as it should.

Malfunction Indicator

Malfunction Indicator Light- Also known as the check engine light, this light is a sign from the vehicle’s engine computer that something is wrong.

Electric Parking Brake

Electric Parking Brake Warning Light- This light is just letting you know that the parking brake is in use.

Seat Belt Warning Light

Seat Belt Warning Light- This warning light and chime will indicate that either the driver or passenger is not wearing a seat belt.

Lights ON Indicator

Lights ON Indicator Light- This will illuminate if the vehicle’s headlights are on.

High Beam Indicator

High Beam Indicator Light- This light will indicate that your high beams are in use.

Front Fog Light Indicator

Front Fog Light Indicator Light- This will indicate that your fog lights are on.

Forward Collision Avoidance Assist

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist- This light lets the driver know that the Pedestrian Warning Light feature is on.

All Wheel Drive

All-Wheel Drive Warning Light- If this light comes on it is signaling that something is wrong with the all-wheel drive system.

All Wheel Drive Lock Indicator

All-Wheel Drive Lock Indicator Light- This light lets the driver know that the all-wheel drive system is locked.

Electric Power Steering

Electronic Power Steering Warning Light- Your electronic steering may not be functioning properly if this light is on.

Battery/Charging Warning

Battery/Charging Warning Light- If the vehicle detects an issue with the battery or alternator this light will come on.


Airbag Warning Light- This light mainly means there is an issue with your airbags and that they may not deploy properly. It can also indicate an issue with the seatbelts.

Low Fuel Level

Low Fuel Level Warning Light- This light is a reminder that it’s time to stop and refuel your vehicle.

Immobilizer Warning Light

Immobilizer Indicator Light- If the key you are using isn’t recognized by the vehicle this light will pop up.

Engine Coolant Temperature

Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light- If this light is on your car could be low on coolant/ the coolant could be overheating or the engine is overheating.

Icy Road Warning

Icy Road Warning Indicator Light- If there are icy roads ahead you will hear a chime followed by this light.

Tire Pressure

Low Tire Pressure Light/Tire Pressure Monitoring System- If this light comes on it is indicating that one or more tires are under inflated.

Anti Locking Brake System

Anti-Lock Braking System Warning Light (ABS)- This light is a warning that your ABS system is not working properly which means you might not be able to make an emergency stop if needed.

Electronic Stability Control OFF

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) OFF Indicator Light- This light indicates that the ESC has been deactivated.

Electronic Stability Control Indicator

Electronic Stability Control Warning Light Indicator- When you see this light it means that the vehicle is trying to maintain traction control.

Auto Hold Indicator

AUTO HOLD Indicator- This feature automatically applies and releases the parking brake in stop and go traffic, when the light is on it means it’s activated.

Cruise Control Indicator

Cruise Control ON Indicator- If this light is on, cruise control is engaged.

Master Warning Light

Master Warning Light- This light indicates that there has been a detection of one or more other warning systems.

 Electronic Brake Force Distribution System

Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) System Warning Light- This indicates that the EBD system is unavailable or not working properly.

Lane Keep Assist Indicator

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) ON/OFF Indicator Light- This light comes on or off based on whether or not you are using the LKA feature.

LED Head Lamp Warning Indicator

LED Headlamp Warning Indicator- Upon turning the ignition switch or the Engine Start/Stop button on this light will appear. It can also indicate that your LED headlamps are not working properly.

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